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Photos - Uncle Bino & Aunty Barbara's Trip to the Middle East

Getting holy water from the Jabbok River where God wrestled with Jacob, informing him that he will no longer be called Jacob but ... Israel.

River Jordan where John the Baptist baptised Jesus.

Swimming in the Sea of Galilee.

Floating on the Dead Sea.

Coming out of Lazarus Tomb whom Jesus raised from the dead 4 days after he died.

The Lords Prayer in Maori at the location where Jesus taught his disciples the Lord Prayer.

This 3000 years old Olive Tree stands in the garden of Gethsamane where Judas betrayed Jesus.

The Manger in Bethlehem where baby Jesus was laid after his birth.

The Rock in Bethlehem where Jesus was born.

Israelis soldiers in Jerusalem.

The Wailing Wall in the Old Jerusalem.

Carrying the cross on Calvary - very close to the site of crucifiction.

Hole in the rock where the cross stood, where Jesus was crucified.

Kissing the bench in the Tomb where Jesus' body was laid and where he rose from, 3 days after he died.

Flat rock where Jesus was laid after his body was removed from the cross soon after his death.

Palestinian soldiers on Calvary.

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