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Date - March 22nd 2008

Venue - 11 Makaraka Rd, Makaraka, Gisborne.

Time - 10:00am 


George & Barbara Clarke, Rua & Rose Fox, Derna Heather, Douglas Fox, Sam Fox, Edith Hardgrave, Charmayne & Nooroa TeAriki. 


Kaura Fox, Hono Fox, Victor Heather, Cliff Heather, Guy Fox, Harriette Tana, Moana Cowell. 


Ken (Mahiti) Clarke.

Meeting was opened by Douglas Fox at approximately 10:05am with a Karakia

Mihi & Acknowledgements:  George Clarke

This is the first meeting of the new committee where all members (With the exception of the Chairman) are of the Rangatahi (younger generation) and all mokopuna’s of Hoterene Karaka.

Ka pu te Ruha. Ka hao te Rangatahi.

The old net is cast aside whilst the new net goes fishing.

This proverb ‘whakatauki’ refers to the replacement of the old generation, which focus on memories and the teachings of the past with the younger generation of energetic people with a vision to carry the legacy of the Porahu into the future.

Encouraging future generations to pass on to their children the inherited teachings of our tipuna and the tikanga’s, which enriches their mind and soul, linking them to our land.


The main objective of this committee is to begin the hand-over process of the Porahu and all the interest of Hoterene Karaka from the first generation to the second generation.  

Too often old people pass on and leave behind a vacuum of mystery, uncertainty and sadly taking with them the Mana and knowledge that should have been passed down (Mana Tukuiho).  This process takes time and require some degree of documentation and wanangas. 

  1. Matters arising from the minutes:
    1. Election of Office Bearers: 


Douglas Fox proposed that George Clarke be elected as chairperson along with the blessings of Uncle June.

Derna Heather seconded the motion.


Vice Chair:

George Clarke proposed that Victor Heather be elected as Vice Chair.  George also acknowledged the importance of having Victor entrusted as Chairperson in case anything happens to him.

Douglas Fox seconded the motion.



George Clarke proposed Charmayne Teariki be elected as Secretary.

Douglas Fox & Edith Hardgrave seconded the motion.



George Clarke proposed Sam Fox be elected as Treasurer to the new committee and continue the excellent work he has done.

Derna Heather & Douglas Fox seconded the motion.


George Clarke proposed a motion that each first-generation family member is to be represented on the newly formed committee. 

The nomination of these office bearers shall be the responsibility of each first generation family member or where the first generation member is deceased, family members of that person shall nominate their representative. 

      Te Iharaira Joseph Fox    =  Sam Fox

      June Fox    =  Hono Fox

      Merearihi Tana   =  Edith Hardgrave

      John Fox    =  Jaye Allen Fox

      Rua Fox    =  Guy Fox

      Douglas Fox    =  Isaiah Fox

      Derna Heather   =  Victor Heather

      Kaura Fox    =  Loren Fox

      George Clarke Fox   =  Bradley Clarke

      Mahiti Clarke Fox   =  Alison Clarke 

Derna Heather, Douglas Fox & Rua Fox seconded the motion.


  1. Financial Statement:
    1. Sam Fox submitted a financial report with regards to the Porahu Family Reunion 1999/2000 account, as at 2008.  Copies were handed out to all present.  Also for those who have email access this can be viewed in full as an inserted email attachment.  A general overview is as follows:

   Opening balance as at January 2007   =  $5618.14

   Deposits by Rua Fox    =  $1510.00

   Deposits by Char Teariki   =  $  590.00

Withdrawls made for Rates for the months

of Feb, May, Aug & Dec 2007 & Jan 2008

plus bank fees and borrowed funds  =  $4035.63 

Closing balance as at 29th February 2008 =  $3682.51 

    1. Whanau that have paid contributions in full and in credit are as follows:

Joseph Clarke Fox Whanau

Merearihi Tana Whanau

George Clarke Whanau

Derna Heather Whanau

Mahiti Clarke Whanau 

    1. Outstanding contributions for 2007 are due. 

   Contributions are $10 weekly or $520 annually.  

As previously stated the Committee affirm the need to encourage everyone to contribute to the PorahuWhanau Trust.  If Joseph Fox paid $520 then this also covers his children and mokopuna.  To reaffirm, payments can be made to the following bank account:

Porahu Family Reunion 1999/2000

BNZ 02 1636 0109271 00

Gisborne Branch 

The above account number is also highlighted on http://www.porahu.com/ and can be located under the 2008 messages at Sam-Wednesday, Feb 06, 2008.  Deposit forms are also available from Sam upon request. 

    1. Derna asked does the year 1999/2000 matter and do we need to change it?  Sam advised that there was no need as it is included as part of the name Porahu Family Reunion only.
    1. Hoterene Karaka Fox Whanau Trust account balance to date is:  $790.30.  (Money in this account is from dividends payed from land and it can be expended to pay land rates for the Porahu Homestead).

Account No.2 is the Porahu Family Reunion 1999/2000 account.  This account has a to-date balance of  $6,222.51. 

    1. Sam advised that another signature would need to be validated to the PFR account to replace that of

Uncle Hune’s. 

Proposed: George Clarke

Seconded: Sam Fox 

That Edith and Bino be signatories as well as Sam. Any lending from the Trust must meet with Trust requirements this applies to first consultation with lender and committee board members. 

All committee members are to be advised in the first instance if any monies are to be withdrawn.  All were in favour of this motion.


Proposed:   George Clarke

Seconded: Derna Heather & those present 

That all are in favour of the financial agreement.


  1. Strategies for raising funds:
    1. Douglas Fox proposed a suggestion to make the Porahu a papa kae-nga and that it could alleviate or nullify the cost of rates on Porahu.  George said that the majority would not agree with a papa kae-nga. But that he would research more into this viewpoint.

Sam suggested we run a combination lotto on a regular basis. 

Bino suggested the dividends that come from any of our lands that the money be used for the Porahu rates and for the purpose of (Building eg. sheds etc & up-keep of the Porahu homestead).  Douglas said that if any divies is paid out to those of 65 years or over that it goes back into our trust account. Rua (Our tuakana) agreed. 

Derna requested a copy of the documentation that states the facts of when you turn 65 you receive dividends.  Douglas said that it is mandatory you get it regardless.  

Rua shall attend the next Waiomatatini Annual General meeting where he is to verify this.   

  1. Short Term Plans:
    1. The sleep-out is a must.

Proposed: Douglas Fox

Seconded: George Fox 

Douglas motioned that the sleepout be built.  George stated that it is number one priority. 

Quotes from Sam on building materials:  Timu Timbers in Gisborne quoted $7060.   

George reiterated that the building process would begin from the month of December 2008 through to February 2009.  A working Bee has been established.  Sam Fox & Tony Hardgrave will be responsible for ensuring the materials are transported from Gisborne to Mahanga Woolshed and to the Porahu Homestead by January 2009.   

Bino, Joe Heather (if available) Nooroa and William Fox to build sleepout along with Kaura and Rua to provide labouring support for the builders.  Project to commence Monday the 2nd of February 2009.   

Completion expected by Saturday the 7th of February. 

Bino will stay on a few more days to ensure the lock-up stage of the project is complete.   

Any financial assistance from other members of the Porahu whanau towards the project would be appreciated.  The sleepout location will be established on the right side of homestead.  Plan is solid said Bino with accommodations for extra windows etc.  Edith & Charmayne will be available as coast-to-coast runners should any supplies in Gisborne be needed.


    1. Bridge at Makawakawa:

Proposed: George Clarke

Seconded: Rua Fox

Bino will seek membership on the committee board of Mahanga 438 Trust. 

Alternatively one of the whanau will put forward a vote to nominate Bino on to the board of members of Mahanga 438 Trust.  This is very relevant to the Porahu’s interests and future and we must have a representative from Porahu on the Mahanga Trust.  If elected, Bino and Victor will attend those meetings as they come to hand.  Douglas said for all the whanau to support and attend the Mahanga fourth coming Annual General meeting.  It is envisaged that Taurawharonga (Maraehara) Station will merge with Mahanga and under one Manager. Douglas will let us know when that meeting comes up and Derna said that we would all go.   

John’s wishes were to have a bridge built over Makawakawa and Bino laid emphasis on bringing John’s wishes to life.  Building of the bridge will be the second week of February 2009.

Morris Rickard has offered to build our bridge.  If we get on Mahanga committee then we can half the cost of the bridge.


  1. Issues Relating to the Porahu Homestead:
    1. Upkeep of the homestead:  All agreed that we need to encourage whanau to help out more with the maintainence of the Porahu.  Sam urged that we are responsible for making sure we bring our whanau back to the Porahu.  Bino raised the question if there were any suggestions on where to go from here in terms of taking over Kaura’s role due to his health.  Charmayne pointed out what of Uncle Mahiti’s position as far as returning home anytime soon as he would be the most likely person to maintain the upkeep of the Porahu. However he is unsure of his position at this present time.  Bino maintained that we would bring this discussion up at every meeting.
  1. Land Issues for Discussion:
    1. The Flats, 4 acres: 

Douglas said that the rates for the flats are very costly and that time does not favour us yet.  He also suggested leasing the flats to Mahanga where they can better manage the rates until we sort something out.  Derna suggested finding out how much of an exact figure are the rates on the flats before going ahead to decide anything. Until we find out exactly how much the rates are we should request for Mahanga to lease the flats.  At present we don’t pay any rates.  Mahanga 438 Trust can utilise it, as we have no use for it at this time.  A verbal agreement was made between Hune & Gordon but as to the details we are unsure of them other than nothing has gone to court yet.  Rua will research and get back to us. 

    1. Whareponga: 

The return of Nanny Waimatao’s photo to the Whareponga Marae (Her papa-kaenga) Hune has written a document on the life of Nanny Waimatao emphasising her whakapapa, history and connection to whareponga.  Bino read out a letter he was sending to the head of the Reedy whanau  (Selwyn Parata), which clarifies our connection to Whareponga (An extract from Hune’s report will accompany the letter).   

    1. Protocol or the Law of Tapu on Urupa’s: 

Bino has documented the protocols on the law of Tapu which can be found on porahu.coms website.  Please study it and teach your children it so that they can pass it on to their children and so on. (Mate Maori or Mate Porangi “Mental illness” often occurs when there is a breach of the law of Tapu)  

    1. Hopa Hemara Tukairangi’s Land (Maraehara). 

Update from Bino on the history.  Hopa and Nanny Waimatao were very close.  Bino stated that they could very well be either first cousins or half brother/sister, although proof on this is very sketchy. 

Hopa Hemara won half of the Maraehara (Directly opposite the Porahu) through a ballot.  Bino wants to establish who Nanny Waimatao’s mother was and has asked Caren to help through the courts and Douglas through his knowledge of whakapapa gathering.  We are powerless to proceed on this case without this information.  He said that if we can find the link between Waimatao and Hopa then we could through (Nga uri a Hopa) establish the right to that land across the Maraehara River from Porahu. (Old Tipene Ngata and Kui Ngata of Maraehara have often said that we of the porahu are the only close relation of Hopa).  The Tibbles who currently occupy Maraehara are the caretaker of that land at present.  Bino reaffirmed the strong ties between Maraehara & Porahu and why it is important for this issue to be resolved.  The Tibbles have aired their concern about our family finding our link with Hopa. 

    1. Harataunga Kennedy’s Bay Land: 

   Commendations must go to Cliff for his thorough research on Harataunga. 

   Well done Cliff!   

In brief, Cliff’s research tells us that the whanau trust has a total of 1.15 shares in Kennedy Bay and there is another 40 shares listed as Hoterene Karaka Jnr.  The Land Court has no other details about Hoterene Karaka Jnr but we are certain that it is our Grandfather.  The next step is to succeed the 40 shares and merge it with the 1.15 shares that the family currently have.  That will give us a major stake in that area.  An application from the Land Court called ‘Succession of Interest’ needs to be submitted before April the 18th and will be heard in Court at the end of May. 

Sam, Cliff and Charmayne shall liaise with Caren to have all this land succeeded.

Details about our Grandfather will need to be accurate mainly his whakapapa.  This then will allow us to merge the two lots together giving us 41.15 shares.  This equates to approximately 21 acres of land being 2 acres each for the 10 children of Hoterene and Mei Karaka Fox.  Mum and I will visit the Land Court in Hamilton on Monday to search through their books.  Hamilton holds all the record books as this courts computer database only extends to 1971.  We need to go back further. 

In depth information can also be read from Cliffs brief, ‘Harataunga Kennedy Bay, Coromandel’.  Make sure you all read it, in Cliffs words; “the history and the knowledge will never ever be lost”. 

    1. Douglas will research if there were any dividends paid out to Heneriata Karaka, Himiona Tinotahi and Hoterene Karaka. Coromandel shares have not been succeeded. Moneys from successions will go into our Hoterene Karaka account and utilised in the up-keep of the Porahu homestead and pay rates. 
  1. Long Term Plans: 
    1. Bino recommended that a website message be posted on porahu.com with regards to the younger generation.  We need their comments and their feedback about where do they see the Porahu in 10 years time!                    
  2. General Business:


    1. Douglas emphasised that the general rubbish and wrecks around the homestead are very bad and makes our kaenga look untidy.  He said to take it to TikiTiki or have the bulldozer come and dig a pit for the rubbish and then have it covered over.  We will ask Morris Rickard for the use of his bulldozer next time he is in the area.  It was agreed upon that NO MORE WRECKS be taken to the Porahu.  Doug said; we need to beautify the homestead and not make it a dump. 

All agreed.

8.2 Doug pointed out that the gum trees that have fallen by fenceline need to be cut up and fenceline

restored.  All other tree felling to be cut up for firewood.  Bino said that the gum has been earmarked

for the bridge. 

8.3 Charmayne suggested a sturdy garden shed be erected close to the cemetary to house all the tools,

      containers, vases etc that are used at the cemetary so that nothing goes back to the house. 

      Bino agreed. 

      Charmayne & Nooroa to donate a garden shed.  Bino would like artificial grass as a permanent fixture

      to the urupa.  This has a 4 to 5 year life span and can be replaced every 5th year.  Nooroa can purchase

      artificial grass at a discount price through a relative.  All agreed. 

8.4 Edith said to thank Kaura for his upkeep of the Porahu.   

8.5 Derna suggested a letter be sent to those owing monies to the Trust and the subscriptions reviewed.

      Chairperson to decide what action to take. 

8.6 Sam reiterated the need to take our children back to the Porahu, as this is very important.  That as hard

as it is to get our young adults to go the responsibility is on the parents to make sure that this happens.

A good example is that of William Fox who took all his family, children & mokopunas back to Porahu

at Christmas time. 

  1. Next Whanau Reunion: 

Bino suggested next reunion be in 2015 because our grandfather Hoterene Karaka came to Porahu 100 years ago.  Doug suggested having it at the same time as the Jose Reunion in 2009 but Bino said that it would be difficult, as we will be hosting our Jose whanau from Spain and our commitment is to them. 

    1. Bino requested that every whanau email address be provided to the Committee Executives.
  1. Date of next Whanau Meeting: 

   Date, time and agenda to be advised as the time draws near. 

      Meeting closed with Karakia by Douglas Fox.

      Time:  12:10pm 

      Typed by Charmayne Te Ariki - Secretary 

      And proof read by 

      George Clarke - Chairman 


“Whatu-ngaro-ngaro he tangata. Toitu he whenua” 

“People pass on. Land remains” 

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