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Future of the Porahu.
9.1 Bino asked that each of Hoterene Karaka’s children nominate one member from each
descendent to represent his/her whanau’s interest in the Porahu.
JoeJoe Fox
Sam Fox
Mary Tana
June Fox
John Fox
Rua Fox
Guy Fox
Douglas Fox
Isaiah Fox
Derna Heather -
Kaura Fox
Loren Fox
George Clarke -
Stella Clarke-Griebsch
Mahiti Clarke
How can we encourage the next generation to take an interest in the Porahu?
Suggestions called from the Mokopunas.
Gather and pass on to the next generation of Porahu history and names of place.
If anyone can access Googles Earth and obtain an aerial photo of the 
Porahu. This could be passed onto June and John to fill out the names of various 
placed and the history of those identified areas.
Koha to our care taker Kaura when visiting the Porahu
The committee encourage visitors to the Porahu to give Kaura a koha whenever
they visit the Porahu for looking after the place. This could be in the form of
tobacco and or money. @11:14:21 alright ..
@....:41 What did she say ?
Next Meeting
February 2007 venue, date, time and agenda shall be
forthcoming as the time draws near.
George Clarke
Interim Chairperson / Secretary 
Thursday 16 February 2006
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