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Cost of repairs and damages:
It appears that the new (Small) generator is broken. The committee agree that who  
ever damages any item/s at the Porahu shall be responsible for its repair and/or
replacement. So whoever was the last to use the small Generator should bear the
cost of repairing and/or replacing it.
      Foot bridge across the Makawakawa creek.
6.1       The committee has agreed that the next project after the sleep-out shall be to build
            a foot bridge across the narrowest part of the Makawakawa creek.
6.2       It was suggested that two long treated pine telephone pole be stretched across the
            creek and planks nailed on top of them.
6.3       This shall not be for vehicles use. 
     Hoterene Karaka Whanau Trust Account.
7.1      Sam provided a synopsis on the balance in the above account. It appears that all 
           the land dividends has been paid into this account. The balance to date was  
7.2     Money’s deposited into this account shall be utilised to pay outstanding Porahu  
          land rates ($709.96 per year)
7.3     The trustees of this account are June Fox. Mary Tana,  Douglas Fox,  John Fox and
          Sam Fox.
    Financial Statement.
8.1     Balance $6,704.32
8.2     $5,000 deposited by Bino shall go towards building the sleep out.
8.3     $1,704 balance of money deposited by John shall also go towards building the 
          (Lean to – sleep put) 
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