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4.2   The document reads:
For the Fox Whanau
Gate keys to be held by Kaura only.
Gates must be left as they are found.
No one other than Kaura can enter the property without talking to the
Common sense to be used on the tracks, for example, don’t drive on wet
If mob of stock is coming, stay well clear.
You have been warned that the tracks to your house are hazard, 
for example: They are slippery, steep, with steep drops off the side of the track,
bridges without railings on the sides and an open creek crossing.
These are all hazards, Mahanga Station will not be liable for or any compensation
for injuries or damages relating from using Mahanga’s tracks.
Use of Mahanga’s tracks are not the legal access to your property and are
therefore a privilege and should be respected as such. 
This document was discussed at length at the meeting.
We feel that as part owners of Mahanga 2 Trust, the document is inflexible. For
Several members of the family should have keys to the gate/s, and
expenses incurred for cutting extra keys shall be met by each individual,
However, The Manager should be informed who has the keys.
It is commonsense to inform the Manager every time we venture beyond
the first gate when we are not in the company of Kaura.
The remaining conditions relating to hazards and compensation is
generally commonsense.
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