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For access purposes, the venue selected shall be HinePare Marae Rangitukia.
Those wishing to stay at the Porahu, not a problem.
A program shall be devised to cater for the needs of those electing to attend.
Cost and subscription shall be discussed at the next meeting (Feb 07)
The program may include (Whale rider trek to Roto Kautuku. Trek to Mount
Hikurangi. Diving excursion etc. etc)
The Mokopuna’s of the Porahu, in particular the new generations are encouraged
to write and provide some input into devising the program. (What do you want to
do and what do you want to see?) Remember the time is near for you all to decide
the future of Porahu. 
The Whanau of Aunty Mate Kaiwai and Aunty Waina Smiler will be invited.
A copy of these minutes shall be sent out to both whanaus for their perusal and
3.1       The committee agree to a proposal to build a sleep-out in the form of a (lean-to). 
This will be added to the side of the house and will be cheaper. However more
funds are required.
3.2       A work bee will be required to assist the contracting company of Bino, Joe   
            Heather, Kaura and Rua. The work bee in the form of those mokopuna;s with   
            skills in the building trade e.g William Fox, Tony Hargraves, Hamiora, Noro to 
            name a few will be most welcomed.
3.3     We also need supervisors and overseer with good managerial skills to motivate us  
          such as June Fox and John Fox. Cooks will also be required to assist Derna and 
3.4     I hope to commit up to 6 weeks on the project from mid January 2007 to end of  
          February 2007.
   Protocol of access to the farm:
4.1    June tabled a document from the chairperson of Mahanga 2 Trust Lou Tangaere.
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