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      When depositing please inform Sam by E mail
1.7 Issue 3.6 relating to Freezer from Derna was added in error and therefore deleted.
1.8 Issue 3.7 relating to the fire risk when using candles at night. Large water
containers around the house filled by rain water from the roof guttering shall be
utilised in cases of fire. The containers should be filled with water at all times. An
empty bucket will be hooked on the container/ the bucket/s and water container/s
shall be marked (For fire emergencies only)  
1.9 Issue 3.8 relating to Porahu Reunion has been amended. Please see minutes of
today’s meeting.
1.10 Issue 3.9 relating to the crossing across Makawakawa has been amended. Please 
  refer to minutes of today’s meeting.
1.11 Issue 3.10 relating to ruling on access to homestead. Please refer to minutes of
today’s meeting.
1.12 Issue 3.11 relating to milling of trees for sleep-out by Wi koroua. Please refer to
minutes of today’s meeting.
1.13 Issue 3.12 relating to sheep at Porahu. Edith shall be relocating her pet lambs to  
        the Porahu in due course. John has about a dozen cows grazing at the Porahu.
1.14 Motion that the minutes from the last meeting held on 2nd. January 2005 be 
accepted. Moved by Sam Fox and seconded by John Fox.
New issues:
2.1 Changing of the guard.
Discussion took place for changes to office bearers. The meeting agree for this
shall take place at the next meeting which will be in February 2007 possibly in
2.2 Porahu Family Renuion. 
The committee support the idea of having a Porahu    
     Whanau Reunion, this to be held on the last weekend in December 2007.
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