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Photos of Spanish Whanau visiting the East Coast of NZ

Gisborne Herald Article 1 - Fiesta with Spanish whanau
Saturday, January 08, 2011 Edda McCabe
Article as PDF

Gisborne Herald Article 2 - Twin towns agreement a first with Spain, whanau
Friday, January 07, 2011 Martin Gibson
Article as PDF

Gisborne Herald Article 3 - Manuel Jose link sees new sister relationship
Wednesday, December 29, 2010 Martin Gibson

boarding a plane in Auckland for Gisborne

Arrived in Gisborne

With Mariano (the billet) at Edith & Tony's place

Getting ready for a formal welcome by Meng Foong, Mayor of Gisborne

Formal welcome by Meng Foong

A gift from Valverde Mayor to Gisborne Mayor with Spanish Ambassador watching together with an interpreter

This box is to keep the Agreement signed between Valverde del Majano and Gisborne

Edith and uncle Bino holding the box before being taken to Valverde Spain

Signing of the Agreement between 2 cities

Agreement signed by both Mayors with Maori Elder John Manuel as a witness

Group photos in front of Manuel Jose's tombstone/grave

Church Service at Tiki Tiki Church

A photographer from National Geographic Magazine taking formal photos of both the Jose's from NZ and Jose's from Spain

A photographer from National Geographic taking photo of aunty Derna and Antonio

Playing bullfight, Mariano the matador and Antonio el Toro

Group photo in front of the Marae in Rangitukia. They slept in this marae for 2 nights.

Gathering with Bob McConnell, the Historian

Lunch at another Marae on the East Coast Speech for Walker's birthday

Spanish Joses doing their traditional dance including the journalist from newspaper in Sergovia Spain

Edith dancing with Santiago

Wishing Happy New Year to be sent to TV Segorvia as they are behind NZ time.

Photos of Spanish Jose and NZ Jose

Unveiling of aunty Connie Katae and Doug Katae. In 2007 Doug told Santiago to come and visit NZ.

Farewell gift from Gisborne Mayor to Valverde Mayor, Meng Foong explaining the meaning of this gift thru the interpreter. Gisborne Mayor and the Joses plan to visit Spain in August 2012.

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