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Introduction in Maori

Extract from an email from Uncle Bino, 28.10.09:
Kia ora everyone, As we are aging and older ones are passing on, the time is right for the next generation to be nutured up to the Paepae on Maraes. The first thing one learns is ones whakapapa. It is through this process kaumatuas/pakeke's in attendance recognises your mana and linkage. For those of the Porahu descendents of Hoterene Karaka and Edith May Hovell, This is the introduction you should always use. However, there are others which have other tribal affiliation through the wives or husbands of the children of the above. This can only be compilled by the wives and/or husbands. I will ask Stella to have it entered on the Porahu Web for future references. Kia ora. uncle

Ko Hikurangi taku maunga

(Hikurangi is my mountain) 

Ko Waiapu taku awa

(Waiapu is my river) 

Ko Ngatiporou taku iwi

(Ngatiporou is my tribe) 

Ko te Porahu (Kei Rangitukia) taku papa kaenga

(Porahu (at Rangitukia) is my home) 

Ki te taha o te mama o taku koka.

(On the side of my mum,s mother) 

Ko te whanau a Hinerupe taku hapu

(Hinerupe is my sub-tribe) 

Ko Ra Hui i Tikitiki te Marae

(Ra Hui in Tikitiki is my marae) 

Ko Hinerupe i Te Araroa taku marae tuarua.

(Hinerupe in Te Araroa is my second Marae) 

Ki te taha o te papa o taku koka

(On the side of my mums father) 

Ko Te Aitanga a Mate taku Hapu.

(Te Aitanga a Mate is my sub-tribe) 

Ko Te Aowera, Ko Whareponga ko Rakairoa ki Harataunga aku Marae.

(Te Aowera, Whareponga and Rakairoa in Coromandel are my Maraes) 

Ki te taha o taku Tipuna a Te Iharaira Pokiha, Ko the whanau a Karuwai te hapu.

(On the side of my Tipuna Te Iharaira Pokiha my sub-tribe is Te Whanau a Karuwai) 

Ko taku marae hoki ko Karuwai raua ko Mahiti kei Maraehara.

(My marae is Karuwai and Mahiti situated at Maraehara)

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