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Kaura ki te pakanga (2). 

Chapter 1 

The birth, naming and names of Kaura. 

Kaura kite pakanga was in fact born on the 24 March 1947, However due to illness he died during infancy and buried at Porahu. 

Another baby was born soon after on the 21 April 1948 he also assumed the name Kaura kite pakanga (2)  

This is the biography of Kaura kite pakanga (2)  

Brothers June and John often refer to the first Kaura to have been the better of the two. 

This is only because the second Kaura out witted them both once too often. 

Brother John “Kei reira te murere e noho ana” “He is the most cunning person I have known” 

Brother June “A koina te hianga o nga hianga katoa” “he is the most mischievous person of all” 

Kaura went by many names. Kaura, a name he did not like.  

I recall him saying to mum, “Na wai homai tenei ingoa wiriwiri moku?” “Who is responsible for giving me this horrible name?”    

To which mum would reply, “Kaua e korero pena, he ingoa rangatira tena, he ingoa no te whawhai”

“Don’t say that! Yours’ is a noble name, a name which emanated from the war” 

I could not help by laugh at him and mum. 

Witty as he was, he turned to me and said,  

“Kau e kata! raki koe i mate tera nga Kaura. Mena i te ora tonu aia, ko riro ke iaua to ingoa pakeha a George. Mena kare ko koe ke a Mahiti” 

“You are lucky the first Kaura died, otherwise I would have got your pakeha name George. And you would have been named Mahiti” 

I was amazed at his wittiness. I replied,

“Kare ra taea te pehea, na Te Atua e mahi ke pera, a me noho pera” “Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it now. That is how God wanted it to be, let it be that way” 

Kaura also went by the name of “Te Great” Mahiti and I gave him this name when we were little growing up at Porahu. It was a code name. This name emanated from some of the tobacco John and June use to smoke. I think the packets were green in colour.

Mahiti and I began calling him great because he took a liking to the tobacco with green colour packets. This name stuck with him forever. Even June and John and others called him great.  

Brother Kaura never saw eye to eye with brother John, they were always in conflict with one another. As a result John had specific names for him, such as “Wairangi or Porangi” Although they rhyme perfectly with great names like Hikurangi and Aorangi, both are derogatory names, names one would call someone in anger. Both names refer to someone who has a mental problem. 

Sister Mary who often dreaded Kaura, (in particular after Kaura have had a few drinks and under the weather) would refer to him as “Tau teia ra” e.g.

“Ka mau te wehi o tau teia ra! Puta mai ki taku kaenga, haurangi, tau tiamu katoa nga tokena” “That so and so is incredible, it turned up at my place drunk, with socks smelling toe jam” 

Many people did not know, but while we were all living in Newcastle Australia 1970 Kaura went by the name of John. I asked him why John? He replied

“Ngawari ke atu te John te whakahu i te Kaura” The name John is easier to pronounce than Kaura”

I said to him, “well now I know! I have had many calls while you were out from a number of young ladies asking for a John Fox, and I told them that there was no such person in this house hold by that name.”

He replied, “Kei te raru ke au i a koe!” “You have disappointed me!” 

The next chapter we will rekindle some of the adventures we had with Kaura during the 1950s’ 1960s’ growing up at Porahu. Possum hunting, Breaking in wild horses, Plough our (Mahinga kai) vegetable garden, Going to school on our horse, scrub cutting, catching eels, pig hunting, life at Rangitukia school (When we did make it to school) Piggy back by mum across the ice cold and flooded Maraehara creek so we can catch the bus at Maraehara woolshed for school. Inviting friends over to Porahu for the weekends just to play Cowboys and Indians and declare war with them. We (Mahiti, Kaura and I) being the Indians (because we mastered the art of making accurate bows and arrows) Often our visitors would not come back a second time. 

Kia ora

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